Sources of information

Our main source of data lies in our National Archives to which we have access. These constitute the main repository of records of Lithuanian history from the 13th century to the present day.

However it has to be borne in mind that in the course of our chequered history many records have sadly succumbed to the destruction of fire and war.

What is available are the National State Archives of Lithuania from the time of the Grand Duchy, through the Russian Empire, the Republic of Lithuania the German and Soviet Occupations, the period of our incorporation into the Soviet Union (1944-1990) and finally the State Archives since independence.

We also have the records during this period of Provincial and Local Authorities together with the records of many other official and private institutions.

Registries of births deaths and marriages are available, both nationally and locally. We can also access local records such as those of religious institutions and those contained in museums. There are also valuable sources of information available from personal contact established through local history societies and similar institutions.

Valuable sources of information may also be available through industrial and commercial records